The MAB-PAL automatic palletiser: simple, efficient, flexible and reliable.

The automatic palletiser by Cartesian robot 40 Kg; for cartons, parts, bags and many others. From one pallet, up to 10 pallets or more on request.

The MABIN palletising system boosts your productivity and improves working conditions. The palletising robot can also depalletise.

from 6 cycles per minute, a complete solution including :
  • simple and customisable programming via an intuitive Human/Machine Interface
  • a Cartesian robot for our precise, fast, reliable and robust palletiser
  • a gripping hand adapted to your project
  • a motorised belt conveyor
  • a grey painted welded structure from an 800 x 1200mm European pallet position


Boost your productivity, with Mabin.

Reliable, solid, and of French quality:

  • designed and assembled in France, in Vendée
  • local and trusted suppliers
  • quality and durable materials
  • low energy consumption
  • small footprint

Flexibility & agility:

  • Wide variety of sizes of boxes, cartons, bags, etc.
  • Optimised footprint that fits on all lines
  • adapts to the speed of your line with repeatable speed and accuracy

Turn Key solution!

  • for palletising
  • for depalletising
  • for all types of items: crates, boxes and bags.
  • for handling parts
  • from a pallet.


The MABIN solution is a machine with a multitude of services (palletisers and depalletisers): a simple and user-friendly HMI, remote assistance, appropriate staff training, and a ready-to-use solution delivered directly to your production site. Mabin provides a turnkey solution and supports you throughout the life of the product.

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    Mabin - Automatic palletiser, automatic carton erector and integrator of Cartesian robot, gantry robot, autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and collaborative robot (Cobot), turnkey solution of industrial robotics in France, Vendée and Pays de la Loire.

    Mabin is a supplier of turnkey robotics and automation solutions and integrator of Cartesian robots, gantry robots, autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots.

    Mabin also offers its services for the supply of specific gripping hands, industrial robot grippers for all types of solutions and industrial robots.

    Mabin offers a standard solution that can be adapted to your automatic palletiser projects.